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We sponsored two events at Impression 5's MFG Day in 2016:

  • "Digital Dissection," where students took apart desktop computers and learned what the components do.
  • "Captain America's Shield" where students could touch a  heavy-duty aluminum shield and see a video of it being machined, in partnership with Cameron Tool Corporation. See the video here.


Special Ed Tech 

Lansing School District

Lansing Mini Maker Faire and Old Town ScrapFest

We partnered with Cameron Tool Corporation to host a "hero shield" booth where kids could make their own hero shields (out of pie tins) and all could see a video of Captain America's shield being machined, find out about manufacturing job opportunities.


Impression 5

  • "The Shakespeare Player," an innovative writing app!

  • "Explore Michigan," an app to promote travel, outdoor recreation, and local business in Michigan!

  • An after-school club for grades 3-5 at Lansing Makers Network.

In development

We partnered with Lansing School District to organize an award-winning "Junkyard Wars"-type after-school program in which middle school students make machines out of recyclables! Read "How Do We Inspire Young Inventors"  to find out why a program like this is so important. 


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